Illustrator drives me crazy……..

So I’m desperately trying to persevere with Illustrator, this morning i was so happy that i managed to draw this flapper girl straight in to Ai (I’m not much of an artist)…….I soon discovered I wasn’t so clever and couldn’t edit individual pieces. I wanted to have the feather one color and different colors in other parts. I managed to incorporate a little color and turns out I like it 🙂   

Art Deco 2 Art Deco Art Deco collection 1

So these are for the Make It In Design summer school intermediate brief 3 dissonance theme – feathers. Still not sure exactly what dissonance means and I don’t think this entirely fits the brief, but hey it has feathers 🙂

I still have an idea to work on but if all else fails I think this one will have to be it.